Interactive Web: Discovery Commerce


One of the big changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic is the shift to ecommerce for many consumers. This posed an initial challenge to retail brands, but swift thinking saw the most nimble move online to enable their customers to purchase.

This change created a more level playing field between large and small businesses, and a new way of shopping for many consumers – a shift Facebook has dubbed Discovery Commerce.

Now, using the right tools, your products can find the right customer at a moment they are open to purchase. But Facebook needed to help marketers understand this shift and how they could start to harness it. 

Across APAC and Australia and New Zealand they turned to Clear Hayes to help tell the story and create content which would resonate with marketers. 

In APAC we partnered with Campaign Asia and created a three-part content series which featured written content cleverly paired with video interviews to tell the story of the evolution of retail and showcase how some of Asia’s best agencies and brands were adapting. This series was created in under six weeks from end-to-end, capturing the moment in the region.

We then evolved this approach for the Australian market, partnering with B&T and using the Shorthand platform to create a visually engaging content series which featured snappy video takes, interactive graphics and case study videos integrated alongside the written content. 

Across the series we engaged top thought leaders from creative, media and digital agencies as well as marketers from brands operating at the cutting edge of ecommerce. 

The results were fantastic. 

The three articles on Campaign Asia were the most-read in the weeks they were posted.

And the trio of pieces across B&T in Australia also proved hugely appealing for readers, achieving over 7,000 page views and a dwell time of over 2 minutes and 30 seconds per article. 

Alongside the content we also created a series of 15-second videos which were used across promoted social posts, creating thousands more impressions and helping to tell the story of Discovery Commerce to much wider audiences.