Trends Reports: Advertising Week

Global conference series provider Advertising Week approached Clear Hayes to create its trends and insights reports from each of its events in Europe, APAC, Africa, Asia, LATAM and New York. 

In order to create the reports we identify the top themes and emerging trends and filter these to understand their real-world impact on the industry, avoiding fads, outliers and overblown claims to create a comprehensive overview of what has been discussed. 

We also include ‘Three Things for Marketers’ – interviews with top speakers and delegates to get practical and actionable tips for practitioners to start implementing these advances immediately.

Clear Hayes creates the reports from start to end, gathering the content at the live events, writing each section (ensuring they are simple and actionable), then creating designs, laying out and editing the content. Where appropriate we also work with translators to create in-language versions of the reports for particular markets. 

These are distributed through the AWLearn portal, where they are the top performing content to convert people to subscribers.

You can access a preview of the AW New York report here.