Video: Outbrain AdNews Awards Sponsorship

Outbrain, the world’s leading native advertising platform, were a major partner of the Adnews Awards, but they wanted to stand out from the crowd. So they turned to Clear Hayes to help them create a partnership which delivered value for them, Adnews, and most importantly, the audience.

We negotiated access to the judging rooms for the awards and created a series of videos featuring insights from the leading marketers who were jurors on these awards, uncovering insights across five major categories as to why the winners had been chosen.

These were then played during the exclusive awards ceremony after the relevant awards, distributed extensively by Adnews and amplified by Outbrain across their channels.

This innovative execution helped deliver massive brand awareness for Outbrain and made them the most visible sponsor on the day, and around the awards themselves, delivering huge ROI for the brand.